Aiava for Agencies

Thank your for considering Aiava for use in your agency!

Communication can be challenging when working with clients. Aiava is built to provide a tool and a visual language to make complex customer journeys manageable. This is a perfect match for agencies working with clients.

How can your agency use Aiava

Here are some examples of how your agency can benefit from Aiava:

  • In new client relationships; get a clear understandig of the situation today.
  • Arrange a workshop with your client. An excelent way to get all possible information on the table.
  • Communicate effectively within your team and with partners of the project.
  • Model the future with the client before implementing it.

Who can use Aiava

Customer journey is a versatile approach and can be a powerful tool in a variety of industries. If your agency work with clients where the goal is to enhance your clients relationship to their customers/users, Aiava is probably a good fit. Aiava is used in industries like communication, marketing, product development, brand development, graphic design, interactive design, web, business development, strategy etc.

What you get

Here is what you get with the Aiava for Agencies Plan:

  1. An admin interface for managing existing projects and creating new projects.
  2. A grace period (as in free of charge) for 30 days on the Basic Plan. This makes it easy to kickstart new projects and small projects can run for free.
  3. A grace period for 10 days on the Premium Plan.
  4. Possibility to invite your client to the project (also on Basic and Premium plans) for collaboration.

Aiava for Agencies is meant for agencies working with multiple clients. Your agency must therefore have at least 10 active clients to be approved. Aiava also reserves the right to decline applications if we find that your agency is not a good match for the Aiava for Agencies Plan.


To apply, send an email to with the following information:

Company name:


Your name:

Your phone number:

Number of clients:

How do you plan to use Aiava?