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Aiava just got collaborative!

The pieces are falling into place as Aiava is now ready for the ultimate challenge: to make an impact on everyone in your organisation and, as the next move, on your customers.

David BrabrandProduct Developer

Pleasing customers is hard. Having one person or a single department focusing on customers and their journey, won't get you there. The whole organisation needs to participate.

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With Aiava, you can now:

  • Get everyone on the same side of the table, bridge the silos and enable understanding across professions.
  • Create a paradigm shift: give your most valuable asset, your customers, the focus they deserve.
  • Make workshops and conversations effective and interesting again. Aiava will keep the talk on track and help to avoid misunderstandings.

Wow! How?

Aiava has for some time been the editor's tool. A modelling tool to visualise complex concepts, explore edge-cases where customers can end up and a way to pull back from the nitty-gritty details to see the big picture.

Now, as Aiava has become collaborative, you can invite your whole organisation inside. Aiava is built on storytelling and an intuitive, visual language. So, to understand the journeys there is no need for prerequisites. Just a web browser and an open mind.

A lot of our Aiava users get their 'a-ha' moments simply by looking at the journeys. We often hear things like: 'So, that's how everything is connected'. 'I didn't know it was that complex'. 'Why don't we skip this and do it like this instead?'

Let's turn these 'a-ha' moments into shared knowledge!


Aiava now has a powerful way to make comments and discussions on every aspect of the journey. Comments comes in four types:

Painpoint Icon

Painpoints to pinpoint problems in the journey – marked with the level of severity.

Suggestion Icon

Suggestions for improvements and alternative solutions. They can be up- or down-voted by the other users.

Info Icon

Information to add crucial details that the rest of the organisation should know about.

Question Icon

Questions to put your queries out in the open for the rest of the organisation to answer.

When you're in comment mode, it's easy to see where the comments are:

Comments in flow

Every comment is the starting point for a discussion:

Concurrent editing

When changes are made to a journey, everyone else watching the journey will see the changes immediately. This enables editors to work on the same journey simultaneously. In a workshop setting, all the participants – the editors and the viewers – will see the same picture as the journey unfolds.


An important part of working systematically with the customer journey, is to place responsibility where it belongs. Someone inside your organisation should be responsible for the onboarding process. Someone should be in charge of making the process of ordering a great experience. Add owners to all the big and small journeys in Aiava.

The deal

When you select the For Teams tier for your organisation, you select the number of editors you need. For small organisations, one editor could be enough. For larger organisations, a small team of editors is probably suitable. For every editor, you get 20 viewers/commenters; e.g.: 3 editors includes 60 viewers which adds up to 63 users with access to Aiava.

Let's turn these a-ha moments into shared knowledge!

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