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Analysis to the next level

Take a look at the customer journey from a different angle.

With Aiava, you create a model of the universe surrounding your organization, app, web page, etc. The players in this universe are the actors; departments, customers, partners, apps, servers, etc. The actors communicate through channels; email, phone, messages, Facebook, API, etc. The actors also create, modify and send things. We use the actors, channels, and things to build the journeys. The journeys model how we do it.

It's easy to create the model. You write what happens, and Aiava will visualize as you write, and behind the scene, Aiava connects the dots.

Customer Journey in Aiava
Example of how customer journey mapping looks like in Aiava.

By creating this model, you gain huge value:

  • Everyone in your organization can understand what's going on and gets aligned with one map
  • The complexity gets manageable
  • You can model the future and settle the strategy to get there

With the latest update, we provide even deeper insight – by looking at the model from a different angle. Every actor, channel, and thing now has a page for analysis.

Analysis for actor webpage.io
Analysis page for actor webpage.io.

Analysis for e-mail
Analysis page for e-mail. The content in the e-mails can be shown directly in the analysis.

With the analysis pages, we get answers to questions like:

  • Which emails are sent during the onboarding journey?
  • In which journeys are the support dept. involved?
  • Which actors are touching that data?
  • Which emails reach a certain customer segment?
  • What is the total list of API calls a server responds to?
  • Which departments are the customer in contact with?
  • ...the list goes on

To enter an analysis page, follow the links (actors, channels, and things) in the main menu, then select from the list. When you are on the page, you can filter simply by clicking in the left column. E.g. to see the SMSes received by customers in the onboarding journey, enter the page for SMS and select the "Onboarding" and "Customers" in the left column.

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