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customer's journey right

Aiava is the framework that helps you fix your . It's a modeling tool for you and a collaboration tool for your organization.

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A bumpy customer journey is EXPENSIVE

Yoursupport department
is growing
You'reaccumulating a
negative reputation
Yourcustomers are
You'reloosing sales
and signups

Why Aiava?

Paradigm shift

Engage your entire organization working on the customer journey


Make improvement of the customer journey an ongoing process.

Zoom in & out

Dig down to really nail it. Pull back to get the big picture .

Do better

A robust and healthy customer journey is highly profitable. Period.

The 3-Step Plan


Map how it works today

Gather all that fragmented knowledge in your organization into one picture. Get everyone on the same side of the table. Most companies gain great value just from understanding how the situation is today.


Gather insight

Let everyone in your organization comment on the map you have made. Address pain points and discuss solutions. Enjoy the scene where everyone engage in the best for the customer.


Map the future

Based on your recently gained insight it's time to evolve the journey. Work with multiple versions of the journey, improve communication, improve internal routines to make it better for customers, look for tasks that can be automated. Test everything before it's implemented into real life.

We have been workshopping in Miro boards, sharing journeys in powerpoints etc. With Aiava we get full control in one place.

– Christian Engen, Product Developer and Offering Manager at Fortum

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