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Fortum Enterprise

Christian Engen, product developer and offering manager at Fortum, shares how they use Aiava.

– Why did Aiava catch your interest initially?

– Aiava is a visual tool to use in my work with understanding, planning and improving our customer journey and experience. I also quickly experienced that Aiava was easy to use and it was easy to onboard my whole team.

– How does Aiava help you in mapping customer journeys?

– First of all it is easy to use. I did onboard all of our team members in just a few hours of work. We could use existing customer journey mapping in Miro and Powerpoint, and quickly map this in Aiava together at the same time. Another helpful feature is sharing with other stakeholders, bringing everyone on the same page. Combined with the analysis tool Aiava provides, it gives us valuable insights we can use effectively.

– How did implementing Aiava in the organization work out?

– Aiava is a tool which is ready to use “out of the box”. The few things we needed to do was to add actors and channels. We also did some planning around how we could get use of the journey hierarchy in the best way for us. I guess this took a few hours only. And then we started to map.

– How does using Aiava affect your organization?

– We have been workshopping in Miro boards, sharing journeys in powerpoints etc. With Aiava we get full control in one place. It's fun to work with, and it's easy to get the big picture so we can improve our customer journeys even more.

– Who in your organization has been involved in using Aiava?

Currently, a wide range of stakeholders, including people from marketing, sales and analytics.

– What is the best tips for other new users of Aiava?

Aiava is a creative and flexible tool to map journeys and flows. Decide upon how to structure your journeys so you don't end up with one big map. If you have multiple journeys, you can attach them to each other.

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