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Words from the template designer

This is a pretty comprehensive template covering login via 3rd-party login providers and login with traditional credentials. It also covers how "Forgot password" should work. Use it and tailor it to your needs.

In general, the login journey, from the users perspective, is just supposed to work. There are a number of things to consider to make the journey as painless as possible. Here is a checklist:

  • Consider carefully where to put the login and only ask your user to login if it's necessary to do so. E.g. for an e-commerce site the login should appear after the process of shopping – if you need it at all.
  • Make it clear for the customer wether they sign up or log in.
  • Less is more as always. Focused and clean.
  • When a user has reset their password, consider to log them directly in to your app. An extra step where they have to fill in their credentials again feels bumpy.
  • Let the user see their password if they want to.
  • Make it possible to log in with email address – not just a username.
  • 3rd-party login providers make the process of logging easier. Consider if this will suit your app/website. Identify the most preferred 3rd-party login providers (often social media applications) of your target group to select the right ones.

Good luck creating a smooth login journey!

Login with screenshots
After dragging screenshots into the journey it looks like this.